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Testimonials from our partners

“Our students have been placed with very good and lovely families and always when they returned home they came full of nice and rich experiences. Thanks WEP ! It’s a pleasure working with people as competent as you.” 
Luz Helena Ferreira (FA Intercambios – Colombia) / PARTNER

“As soon as a student applies for a French or Italian speaking destination, we know that she or he will be in good hands during her/ his stay in Italy, France or Belgium, because WEP gives us precise treatment, detailed information and carefully chosen placements at loving families and in great schools. We highly appreciate their work and we look forward to sending more and more students to the WEP destinations year by year.” 
Luz Zsoka Liptak (INTO-Hungary) / PARTNER

“Having around 12 years of experience working with WEP, I could confirm that it is a leader in the world of student exchange … a company that has a professional staff, always ready to help, not only the agents but also the students, whenever needed. On the other hand, France, Belgium and Italy are 3 really attractive countries!” 
Ana Maria Quintero (SOW – Venezuela) / PARTNER

“WEP has risen to become one of our most trusted partners. All of the WEP offices have a very professional and caring attitude that is difficult to find. They have shown themselves to always go that extra mile for their students and host families alike.” 
Tal Stanecky (ISE – USA) / PARTNER

“ It has been a great experience working with WEP for the last 10 years. My students have returned full of family and cultural richness from France, Belgium and Italy and each one of them has expressed their gratitude for such an opportunity. WEP is contributing to promote love and understanding between cultures. We have full confidence in WEP’s choice of host families and the coordinator’s ability to support them in this experience, thanks WEP” 
Celine Olvero (Intercambios – Mexico) / PARTNER

“We have been working with WEP for more than 10 years and the experience has been excellent! They are very committed with their job, they find great families for students and their counselors are just amazing, they really care about our students, their well being and their language progress! They send us monthly reports that we share with the families in order to keep them informed on their kids development!” 
Anais Ramentol (GRA – Venezuela) / PARTNER