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Boarding School in France
High School Flex  •  Boarding Schools

  • Age: min.12 max. 18 years old upon arrival
  • Duration: 1 academic year, 1 academic semester, 1 term (12 weeks)
  • Arrival: September (January depending on availabilities)
  • Accommodation: boarding school and volunteer host family (depending on the option)
  • Language: French

School Life

The French educational system is one of the most thorough in the world. Expectations are high towards the students. Participants will attend classes at a local lycée from Monday to Friday. Saturday classes may be allocated. French students attend mandatory lessons (French, History-Geography, foreign languages, sport...) and also take optional subjects such as arts, maths, biology... The school year runs from September to June.

Paris Orientation :
  • Uppon arrival
  • 4 days
  • Culture introduction & sightseeing
  • Optional

Short Trip :
  • During the program
  • Disneyland, ski camp, city trips...
  • Optional


You can chose between the two following options: 

5 days/week boarding: During the week (from Monday to Friday), the participant is a boarder (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included). During the weekends and school holidays, the participant will be hosted by a French-speaking host family. They will share the family’s everyday life. 

7 days/week boarding: Full board is provided all week long (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included). Boarders stay at school during the weekends and school breaks to share activities together.

Our boarding schools

WEP has carrefuly selected 4 boarding schools in a variety of environments that reflects the country’s rich diversity.
Scroll down to discover the details of each school.


· Boarding 5 days/week
· Boarding 7 days/week

La Salle Saint-Christophe
· Boarding 5 days/week
· Boarding 7 days/week

Immaculée-Conception boarding school is located in the pittoresc occitan part of France, at the entrance of the regional natural park of Aubrac. Being a student there means living in a 4.600 inhabitants safe place where it’s easy to practice activities.

St-Christophe boarding school is located in the south western France, close to the Pyrenees, between the cities of Pau and Toulouse. Being a student there means living in a very friendly atmosphere, in a safe and quiet environment. This program suits perfectly students who love nature and outdoor activities.

Why is this school appreciated for?
For being in a protective and safe environment with a dedicated support team.

Why is this school appreciated for?
For being located in a quiet and safe rural area. The closest village is only 1500 inhabitants.

· Boarding 5 days/week

· Boarding school 5 days/week

St-Benoît boarding school is located in the north western France, between the cities of Nantes and Tours, along the Loire river. Being a student there means living in the heart of a very dynamic city.

St-Pierre boarding school is located in the center eastern France, close to Lyon (1h20 by train). Being a student there means living in an eco-friendly, quiet and dynamic environment. This program perfectly suits for motivated students who would also like to attend extracurricular activities.

Why is this school appreciated for?
The school is appreciated for its international outlook and the presence of the local coordinator in the school every day.

Why is this school appreciated for?
For the number of activities students can attend at school or in town.

Terms of Participation

• Be min. 12 and max. 18 upon arrival 
• Have good academic results 
• Have an A2 level minimum in French
• Have travel insurance covering sickness, accidents, repatriation and third party liability

Financial Terms

Included : 
  • boarding school enrolment 
  • host family screening and placement process
  • accommodation and meals as described 
  • transfer on arrival (only for 5-days boarders)
  • 24 hours emergency support 
  • coordinator assistance & progress reports 
  • mandatory orientation 
  • administrative costs.

Not Included :
  • return transportation 
  • local transportation 
  • school books 
  • personal expenses 
  • travel insurance 
  • passport and visa fee 
  • optional Paris orientation 
  • optional French online course.

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